BGS General Group is a strong presence in the industry and commerce sector. The company, made up of a team of highly qualified professionals, has over four decades of experience. Over the years, BGS General Group has broadened its core business and is fully able to face the many challenges of today’s marketplace with a diversified range of products and services.

BGS General Group produces and markets systems for low- and high-vacuum pumps and medical central vacuum systems.
BGS General Group also operates one of Italy’s top online stores dealing in watches and jewellery:
BGS General Group is an idea partner for the entrepreneurial management of both traditional and highly innovative activities.

[spacer height=”15px”]The Group’s fortes include:

  • An excellent reputation
  • Rock solid entrepreneurial trustworthiness coupled with a knack for anticipating market trends
  • A competitive edge guaranteed by the direct management of all aspects of the production cycle as well as all commercial activity
  • Strong growth in and knowledge of foreign markets

[spacer height=”15px”]BGS General Group, we build quality !


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