Bgs General Srl – Pompe per vuoto – Vacuum Technology

About us

Vacuum pump range

BGS GENERAL SRL designs and manufactures a broad range vane vacuum pumps and related accessories, in the following categories:

– Oil lubricated rotary vacuum pumps
– Dry rotary vacuum pumps
– Rotary vane compressors
– Side channel blowers
– Central vacuum systems
– Anaesthetic gas scavenging systems
– Medical gas vacuum systems

Commodity Sectors

BGS GENERAL SRL products are used in a variety of industries, such as:

-Handling /packaging
-Water treatment systems
-Electronics/electro-technical applications/measurement and control instrumentation.

Our experience

Thanks to long standing experience gained in the “GENERAL” sector, with “NEW VAC” DRY high vacuum systems, BGS GENERAL has further developed and improved dry system technology. Since 2001, dry-operating high vacuum pumps with helical screws have been used for “DRY” high vacuum systems; this technology allows for enhanced performance, reliability and lower maintenance and management costs. In addition, for over 10 years now BGS GENERAL SRL has been an authorized service center for the sale and maintenance of PEDRO GIL S.A. products.

The BGS GENERAL SRL sales network can satisfy every need, both on the domestic front and in foreign markets. Thanks to a widespread presence of authorized distributors, BGS GENERAL guarantees an efficient before and after sales service, with prompt delivery.

To implement this service, since 2010 BGS GENERAL has produced compatible multi-brand parts for all major pump manufacturers on the market. Genuine and multi-brand spare parts are always ready in stock in our warehouse to guarantee prompt customer service to both production centres and on-site locations.